Bums Tavern

The bar originated in 1892 and over the past 126 years has had very few owners. The first owner of the tavern/saloon was a man by the name of August Martinetti. He sold it in 1903 to a man by the name of Louis Barla. Barla owned the saloon until Jack Enrietta took over in 1911.The bar was named Little Bum’s in 1954 by Louis Enrietta. (Little Bum was his nickname) Louie and his wife Dell took over ownership of the tavern/saloon from Louie’s father and mother Jack and Maggie Enrietta who owned and operated the tavern/saloon from 1911-1954. Louie (Little Bum) and his wife Dell ran the bar until 1974 when their son Dennis took over ownership. Denny owned and operated the bar until 1994. Pete Kodat owned the bar from 1994 until he sold it in 1999. For the past 64 years the bar has had the name Bum’s in it in some form or another.

Wednesday Night Ribs

Served Last Wednesday of the Month
Starts at 5:00pm

Firday Night Fish Fry

Starts at 5:00pm